Graphic Design Work

I love creating designs and logos.  I've made a few for myself and entities I'm affiliated with, but I've also done a few items for clients.  I'd love to do some designing for you, too.

My own company logo:

It's based  on the logo for the Yugoslavian-made Yugo automobiles (the Y).

A local group that wants to get a Kickstarter campaign going to help get their hot sauce produced.  

The logo - it was suggested to be something in a Tie-dye, because Pat, who invented the sauce, is something of a hippie.

 Kickstarter campaigns need a 4x3 ratio logo for the page:

And a mock-up logo for samples for a Trader Joe's rep who was interested in the sauce.

I've been working with a local(ish) heavy metal band - Armored Theory.  Aside from re-creating a hand-drawn logo into a digital, crisp logo, I've made a number of other pieces for them, including several "lyrigraphics," a one-sheet, and an album cover, among other stuff. (Link does not contain all images listed).

 For a while I was a part of a potential radio documentary.  We were looking for Kickstarter funding of our own, and as such needed some graphics.  These were the final designs (out of about a dozen variants).

I write album, song and concert reviews for Good Night Magazine, an on-line (for now) publication.  They need media credentials, and I have the skills to make them.

I look forward to providing you and your organization with the high-quality graphics you need!

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