Weddings (Updated 12/4/15)

This fall I got to shoot a wedding where the bride wanted to do a "zombie shot."  Being a photoshop guy, I was happy to do so.  It's the last one of this set.

I've had the pleasure of shooting several weddings this year.

This was the first wedding of the year for me.  The dynamics were truly unique.  The black and white image is one of my favorite.  I try to shoot both traditional and "photojournalism" styles, and this is my favorite photojournalism-style image so far.

 This wedding took place at Watkins Glen.  There's a lovely pavilion on the upper rim of the gorge, with a spectacular view from the back side.  The sun cooperated with the wedding, and made the day awesomely beautiful.  It did, however, make shooting the thing tougher than I would have liked.

More coming soon...

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