Nature Photography (Updated 12/12/15)

The foundation of my art, where I spend the most love, is nature photography.  There doesn't seem to be a huge market for it, or I haven't found my market, yet.  I've set up a few calendars at and will continue to set them up.  If you have a yen for a calendar of my images, let me know, and I'll set one up for you.

For my wife's birthday, we took a nice little walk down Turning Point Park.  Got some awesome fall pix.

A few shots from around the Rochester area within the last couple days (June 7-9, 2015).
The comeback of the Great Blue Heron, from being a rare and endangered sight when I was young, to a nearly daily occurrence has been remarkable.  This is a majestic and important predator, helping to illuminate how healthy our water is now.  The heron in these 2 images is the same bird.  The second shot is after I spooked him into flight.

Montezuma Wildlife Refuge, New York - We took a day trip out to see the birds at Montezuma.  Whether it was because we were paying closer attention or because we caught it on a good day, but we saw a lot of different species.

Muskrat Love

Plover (species indeterminate, if you know, please let me know)

Red Wing Blackbird

Marsh Wren

Today a "winter weather watch" became a "winter weather warning" with its attendant snow and crappy driving conditions.  We went out for some pictures.  Due to that crappy driving, I didn't have a large window for many pictures, but we did get these (helped with some post-processing, of course).

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