Concert Shots (Updated 4/20)

During the past year, I have become a music reviewer for Good Night Magazine.  It's been a fun ride, and it should continue, as I've been able to review some pretty good stuff (as well as some mediocre stuff), but I also have some access to attend concerts to interview bands, review the show and photograph, photograph, photograph.

Winner Take All with Seek No Boundary, Dirty Pennies, Ivy's Panic Room and Slut Week

Dirty Pennies

Ivy's Panic Room

 Seek No Boundary

Slut Week

Winner Take All

Mrs. Skannotto with Sexy Teenagers and Keaton


Sexy Teenagers

 Mrs. Skannotto

Felix Martin with BML & Barishi - German House, Rochester, NY 2/26/15

^^ Same Picture Processed Different Ways vv

I was last-minute hired to shoot a concert for the band Warehouse.  Conditions were less than ideal.  The venue was a stage off the gaming floor at Finger Lakes Racetrack and Casino.  This was all right, but the lighting was far from ideal.  Unlike the concerts below this one, the lighting was white and almost totally from above.  This led to some serious shadow issues.  Also, the bassist was pretty much in the shadows.  I still got some decent shots, but some required some serious processing to look good without looking too processed.

Recently, I interviewed and shot Armed With Valor at the Montage Music Hall.  A real friendly bunch, they play a tight show.  (The last two pictures are for the opening act Ghostfeeder.)


Before the AwV show, in April, I attended an EDM (electronic dance music) show at the Bug Jar.  Got a ton of photos from that, too.  My interviewee wasn't able to be at the show for some reasons that can be understood if you read the review at Good Night Magazine.


Walmart Supercenter

Makeshift Letterbox

Arch Aeologist

More concerts will be added later, as I get their pics processed.

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