Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Some Recent Work

Mid-Summer I began a good working relationship with a member of the independent heavy metal band Armored Theory.
I began doing some graphics work for them, at first designing a "lyrigraphic" (a different method of displaying lyrics - breaking them up and illustrating themes across songs).  From there, my muse took me to a couple other lyrigraphics, and then he asked me to design the cover for their upcoming album.  Amongst all this I had an image pop into my head that I wanted to try to create for them, mostly because it was inspired by them.
So, with little further introduction, I give you:

This one was simply an effort to do a metal-style grunge image.  I went with an actual metal look because of the band's name.

Then, I was inspired to create this version after thinking about being in high school and how I might have accomplished this task on one of the desks I routinely vandalized.

 This one was also inspired by my memories of high school.  I tried to go with a doodler's notebook, but keep the themes in mind.

 This was the image I had in my head that I managed to re-create through photography and photoshop.  I was completely gob-smacked by how fast this thing came together.  I honestly thought I'd be playing and tweaking for days, but this came together in a couple hours.  It's received a fair amount of attention on my Facebook page.

This is (potentially) the album cover for the upcoming Armored Theory release"The Fact Remains."  The initial design was easy enough, it was getting the details of the grunge and the text just right that took 4 different versions to get to this one.

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