Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Few Random Things

Some stuff I shot over the last few weeks while I was going to Buffalo, the Albany area, and the Southern Tier. 

Ashford Junction, north of Ellicottville, NY.  Shot way too early in the morning, but at least I had the place to myself.  There's active work going on on the railroad right here, so I'm glad I was able to position myself so the backhoe is unseen behind the building.

Rt 87 bridge over NY146 a few yards from NY9 at Clifton Springs.  A cop stopped to see what I was doing (like a terrorist is going to be so obvious as to drag an SLR up a 30 foot slope.)

Butterfly at Holiday Valley.  I shot this thing while waiting for my first shooters at the IBO Championships.

Some of the Enchanted Mountains in McCarty State Forest as seen from another mountain.  This was shot from the Finger Lakes Trail which is only a  part of the Great Northern Trail which goes from Lake Champlain to North Dakota.

Morning in the Enchanted Mountains.  Shot from US219 in Great Valley north of Salamanca, NY.

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