Thursday, April 16, 2015

Zombie V Concert - The Devil Wears Prada, Born of Osiris, The Voice Alive, Secrets

I attended this concert the day before tax day.  It was loud and the venue was terrible for photography.  Stage was too short, the was zero elevation change to the floor and the lighting was primarily from the rear, when it was working at all.  I made nice with a security guy so I could get side-stage for a few  minutes during the last 2 acts.  It's the only reason any of these are any good.
Fortunately, the sound was really good, but if you ever get the chance to attend a concert in the basement of the Armory on Main Street in Rochester, but sure you're 7 feet tall or can get there early enough to be in the front row.  Otherwise you're just there for the music... seeing anything will be chancy at best.
My review for the concert will appear at Good Night Magazine soon.  Link forthcoming.

Born of Osiris

The Devil Wears Prada


 The Voice Alive

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  1. Well done! Saw you trying to get shots, definitely not a photo friendly environment. Good job! Killer show just wish I was about 7'6"


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