Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July's Outdoor Events

I was fortunate enough to get work shooting the Color Me Rad 5K at Darien Lakes as well as the Tough Mudder in Andover, NY.  Of the literally thousands of shots I took, I got a whole bunch of good ones.  Here's about 30-ish.  If you see yourself in any of these, let me know.  I'll be happy to shoot you a big one to say thanx.

Color Me Rad 5K - LOTS of flying dust.  I'd been warned ahead of time, so I came prepared with a rain sleeve and other protection for my camera.  The camera came out OK, and the pix came out even better.
(If you ever shoot one of these, be quite certain to cover the entire camera and seal every possible entrance for dust, including up your forearm.  I used 2 plastic bags along with the rainsleeve.  I taped the rainsleeve to a screw-in lens hood, and then I protected the seal with a clip-on hood.  At the other end, I cinched up the end (I put the sleeve on backwards) and then used rubber bands to double up the seal.)

Tough Mudder - I was hired for this job while I was on top of Seymour Mountain.  It was the first time in a while that I had had 4G cell service, I checked my mail and called the guy.  Turned out I was less than 20 miles from him, as he was in Saranac Lake.  I was hired to work specifically the Wheaties obstacle "Walk the Plank," which explains a certain lack of diversity in the images' subject matter.  I certainly think that what I did get was pretty darn cool.
This race was a bit more challenging than a 5K with colored dust.  The Wheaties obstacle was 9.8 miles into the over 10 mile race, so the people getting to us were already tired and worn out.  Than they had to jump 15 feet into muddy water, swim 15-20 feet to a cargo net, haul themselves out and go conquer another 8 obstacles before finishing.

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