Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Recent Work With Weddings and Models

As other pages here indicate, the only people I've felt comfortable shooting in the past were candid photos and spontaneous street portraits.  A certain deficiency has long existed in my skills with directing and shooting models and other people.  This year is my year to address this deficiency.

In mid-September, I had the opportunity to shoot the children of a clothing designer wearing her designs for Flower Girl and Ring Bearer outfits.  Real cute kids.  If you are interested in contacting her for clothing purposes (and you should), please email me (see contacts page).  Her name is Heather CT Moore and she also does wedding dresses, lingerie, evening/prom gowns and other stuff, mainly for women.

I got to do my first senior portrait shoot recently, as well.  The mom wanted some shots of her youngest son, as well.  It's been a while since they had any portraiture of him, I guess.  The pix came out really nice.

Randy Potvin (from the Noir-themed shoot further down) and I did a second shoot a little after that one.  We got a few good shots:

I shot a wedding recently as assistant to a very experienced wedding photographer just now getting back into the game after a hiatus.  These are from July 6:

One of the teachers I worked with this year is a syndicated disk jockey whose agent was bugging him for head shots.  Of course I was happy to oblige.  I give you Jo Khool:

I also joined the website Model Mayhem in order to meet models, in order to shoot them in a variety of ways, poses and locales.
So far, I've gotten one shoot under my belt with 2 models: Rauncie Ryan and Randy Potvin.  Both were awesome to work with, and we got us some terrific shots.
With the exception of the priestess photo below, the theme of the shoot was Pulp Fiction/Noir.  The priestess photo came about because Rauncie had custom ordered the headdress from an on-line seller named RoosterBaby, and she wanted some shots of herself in it.


  1. Well done. You captured every educators frustration! If only those in power would start to listen and let teachers do what they do best----teach!!!!

  2. I am so honored that you included my sign!


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