Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quickie Update - New/More

Old update follows this one (same post).

I know I'm way behind in getting pics up.  Given the paucity of games, I've been able to keep up with the last few games, and will continue to get pics up, as time goes by.  The Yankees look to be in the Play-Offs, and Rochester will host at least 2 games.  I will do everything possible to get pics from those up ASAP.

I'm also beginning to develop calendars and a few other items that will be available for gift season.  I've posted a new (and linked) email address on the Contact page.  If you've used the old Hotmail address before, keep using it.  If you haven't, you can, or you can use the linked one on the contacts page.

As always, comments and critiques are appreciated...

Old Update follows:
Here's a few shots from August 6 of scoring plays at home during the game between the Yankees and Red Wings.  I know I'm way behind in updating this thing.  It's been a crazy couple months.  I should have some calm coming after this week when I can go through a month of shots and be able to get this all caught up.

These had to be processed pretty thoroughly to get to a place where I liked them.  The shots themselves were good, but I had accidentally set the color to neutral (whereas I like my pix more saturated...)  The middle one is very processed - this one didn't turn out as well as the last time I tried this method.

 I was sitting next to a season ticket holder when this play went down, and we're both pretty certain not only did the catcher miss the tag, the runner missed the plate.  The team opted not to challenge the play, though.

One of two runs in the 3rd(?) inning by the Wings.  Of course, they were already down 6-0 when they scored these runs.  Then they allowed a seventh run in the next inning.  Then I left.

If you don't know, a third strike that is dropped or missed by the catcher means the batter is allowed to try to run to first.  If the catcher can't tag the runner or throw him out by the time he gets to first, it's a free play.  This time, Cervelli tossed out Carson, but it made for an exciting play for a moment or two.

As I've mentioned to some, I'm planning a complete revamp of this site.  All the sports pix will be moved to a sports-specific blog and linked to here.  This site will host some more artistic and nature shots.

By the way - every photo on this site (as well as any in my archives) are available for sale.  Use the "contact me" page to inquire.  I've shot pretty much every player that came through Frontier this summer, so if your favorite isn't here, ask - I'm pretty sure I've got at least one good shot of him.  This includes "Dice-K", who came through on re-hab last week.  If you're local, I will deliver 8x10s to you, or you can pick them up at the stadium.  Prices on request.

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